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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dealership Insurance


Did you know there are around 6.75 million car crashes every year and 18,510 each day in the US? No one is 100% immune from car accidents. However, you can prepare to adequately deal with auto liability coverage.

In most states, it is required by law to have auto insurance cover.

You need the right dealership insurance to pay for covered losses, like the party’s medical bills, damage to the car, or property. You can’t afford to go wrong in choosing a car dealership.

With more than 5965 insurance companies in the US, it must be daunting to determine which auto insurance is the best? Here are five tips for choosing the right dealership insurance.

1. Check Dealership Insurance Certification

You don’t want to fall victim to car dealership scams. Under the guise of popular auto dealers, fraudulent people can sell insurance covers without certification.

Do not overlook the need to confirm if you are dealing with a local authorized dealer.

Adequately invest in due diligence to avoid committing to a scam. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners allows you to search online for authorized insurance companies.

Different states offer different platforms to confirm the authorization of the auto dealers. Check with the office of insurance regulation so you are not blindsided.

Signing any deal with a non-certified auto dealer implies that the contract is void. You are not entitled to relief if the car dealer breaches the contract.

2. Evaluate the Auto Dealer’s Financial Strength

You need to know whether an auto dealer can afford to cover you if need be. You don’t want a situation where your car dealer cannot pay you because of poor financial performance.

Get as much information as possible.

Some agencies rate the financial strength of your insurance company. You can also check credible online databases and public libraries.

Do not rely only on what the insurance company suggests about its ratings. Automotive dealers are likely to highlight higher ratings from one agency and dismiss lower ratings from others.

Don’t forget every dealership insurance targets to win more clients.
You can analyze important financial health indicators like;

• Liquidity
• Solvency
• Profitability and
• Operating efficiency

You need to invest in a financially stable auto dealer.

3. Review Coverage and Affordability

You need dealership insurance tailored to your needs. Choose a cover that meets the state’s requirements and your desired coverage. Minimum auto insurance requirements differ depending on your state.

There are many auto insurance coverage options;

• Auto liability coverage
• Comprehensive coverage
• Medical bills coverage
• Collision coverage
• Personal injury protection

Auto Dealers Insurance Group can help you understand what each one covers. You need to understand the covers to put together an efficient policy.
Remember, depending on the types of covers and the auto dealer, the prices will vary.

You need efficient coverage at an affordable rate. Pricing should be a consideration; however, factors like coverage, company credibility, and quality of services should be considered.

Don’t go for cheap dealerships.

Lower pricing may mean less coverage, which will be costly in case of a loss. Choose an affordable dealership, but with comprehensive coverage.

You don’t want to back out on a dealership due to financial constraints. Compare different quotes from multiple companies to get the right dealership at the right price.

When ranking insurance coverage’s affordability, consider your car. Depending on the type of car, the insurance cover rates may differ. If you own a flashy luxurious automobile, the insurance premiums may be higher than normal rates.

Replacing or repairing luxurious cars is costlier than a laid-back sedan. If you live in crime-laden areas, the insurance rates may be higher due to associated theft risk.

4. Research the Company’s Operational History and Reviews

Research the auto dealer’s history and operation. Important aspects of operation you should analyze are:

• Claims process
• Dealership insurance policies
• Customer service
• Personalized services

The right dealership insurance provides a seamless customer experience. You need convenience in reporting and processing claims. Research on important aspects of interaction before getting in agreement.

Some automotive dealers have a complex claim process, which can frustrate you when seeking compensation.

Check the company’s website to gather information like:

• How long have they been in operation
• Types of products sold and locations of coverage
• Company leadership and partnerships

Review the auto dealer’s reputation from friends, family, and online reviews. Other’s experiences with the insurance company will tell you what to expect. Thanks to Google search, you can get real-time customer reviews of the auto dealer.

Check for patterns in experience in multiple sites to determine your go-to dealership insurance.

5. Sign a Comprehensive Written Contract

Once you have confirmed the logistics of the dealership insurance, sign a legally binding contract. A written agreement ensures validity and legal certainty of the insurance cover.

Before signing any agreement, you should know the five principles that make insurance contracts legal:

• Utmost good faith
• Insurable interest
• Indemnity
• Subrogation and
• Contribution

Do not blindly sign any contract without thoroughly going through all the inclusions. If you don’t understand some of the policies, clarify with the agents and your lawyer. Make sure all the logistics of the policy are included in the contract.

You don’t want appalling feelings of buying a junk auto dealership policy.
Save a copy of the insurance policy; you might need it in the future for evidence in case of disputes with your auto insurance dealer.

Get the Right Dealership Insurance for Efficient Coverage

Insurance marketing agents can be captivating and charming with their offers. Do not be lured into the dealership without conducting your due diligence.

You don’t want scam dealership insurance or a policy that does not meet your needs. Vetting the agencies in the market can be overwhelming, but it is worthwhile.

If you already have an unreliable auto dealer, you should review your contract. You have the option of canceling your insurance policy each year. Give one month’s notice before the policy expires.

If you are looking for the best automotive dealer, Auto Dealers Insurance Group has a variety of coverages that would interest you. Contact us today for the right dealership insurance.  

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