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Dealers Errors & Omissions Insurance:
What You Need To Know

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Errors and Omissions Insurance for Automobile Dealerships

As an automobile dealership, you are always facing the risk of a lawsuit due to errors and omissions in your business operations. Whether it’s a customer alleging that you misrepresented a vehicle’s condition or a third party claiming that you failed to complete a promised repair, the potential for costly legal action is always present. That’s why errors and omissions insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, is a critical component of your risk management strategy.

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Errors and Omissions insurance provides protection against claims alleging that you, as a professional, made a mistake or failed to perform a required task in the course of your business operations. In the context of an automobile dealership, this type of insurance would cover claims arising from errors or omissions in the sales, financing, or repair of vehicles.

For example, if a customer claims that you failed to disclose a known defect in a vehicle they purchased from your dealership, errors and omissions insurance would cover the costs of defending against the lawsuit and any damages that may be awarded. This type of insurance is essential for automobile dealerships, as even a single lawsuit can have a devastating impact on your finances and reputation.

What Does Errors and Omissions Insurance Cover?

Errors and Omissions insurance typically covers a wide range of potential claims, including:

  • Misrepresentation of a vehicle’s condition or history
  • Failure to complete promised repairs or maintenance
  • Errors in vehicle financing or leasing agreements
  • Negligence in the sale or transfer of a vehicle
  • Breach of contract or warranty obligations

It’s important to note that each policy is unique and the specific coverage offered will depend on the insurance company and the policy terms. It’s important to carefully review your policy and understand what is covered and what is excluded.

Why is Errors and Omissions Insurance Important for Automobile Dealerships?

As an automobile dealership, you are constantly dealing with complex transactions involving vehicles and financing. There is always the potential for a mistake to occur, and even a single error can result in a costly legal battle.

In addition, the legal fees and damages associated with a lawsuit can have a devastating impact on your finances. Even if the allegations are false, defending against a lawsuit can be time-consuming and costly. Errors and omissions insurance provides the financial protection you need to respond to claims and minimize the impact on your business.

Another important factor to consider is the reputation of your dealership. A single lawsuit, regardless of the outcome, can harm your reputation and impact your future sales. With errors and omissions insurance, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected against the financial and reputational harm of a lawsuit.

Choosing the Right Errors and Omissions Insurance for Your Automobile Dealership

When shopping for errors and omissions insurance, it’s important to work with an insurance agent who has experience in this area and understands the unique risks faced by automobile dealerships. Your agent can help you determine the specific coverage your auto dealership needs. Contact us today for a quick and easy insurance quote!

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