Dealers Physical Damage Insurance

Dealers Physical Damage Insurance:
What You Need To Know

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Auto Dealers Physical Damage, commonly referred to as dealers’ open lot, provides auto dealers physical damage insurance coverage for an auto dealers inventory.  

While this may not be a requirement to operate your dealership, auto dealers physical damage coverage is an extremely important part of any comprehensive auto dealers insurance package.

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What is auto dealers’ physical damage / open lot insurance?

Auto dealerships that need to protect their business auto inventory need physical damage dealers’ open lot insurance.  This type of coverage provides the protection most auto dealers need to protect the investment on their lot. Physical damage coverage is typically set at a per-auto limit, and a total lot limit.  Be sure to review your current dealers policy or quote for details.

What does auto dealers’ physical damage / open lot insurance cover?

Similar to a traditional commercial auto policy, this type of insurance provides two forms of physical damage coverage.  

Collision Coverage – this helps to pay for repairs or replacement to a dealers’ auto(s) in the event of a loss due to an accident with another auto or object, such as a building, utility pole, etc.  

Other Than Collision Coverage – this type of coverage helps pay for repairs or replacement to a dealers’ auto(s) in the event of a loss due to anything besides collision.  Some examples that may be covered include fire, lightning, explosion, theft, windstorm, hail, flood, vandalism, etc. It is important to note that certain inclusions and exclusions may apply.  Check your current policy or quote proposal for details.

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