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Auto Dealers Cyber Liability Insurance:
What You Need To Know

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In present times, data breaches and other cyber crimes are becoming a very common occurrence.  It is even more common to hear breaking news articles of companies experiencing data breaches and having to fight the aftermath.

But it’s not just these large companies that are targeted by hackers.  One of two small business in the US have experienced a data breach.

If you’re in search of cyber liability insurance for your auto dealer, you’re in luck!  ADIG provides affordable auto dealers insurance quotes in minutes – Whether online or by phone! 

Cyber liability insurance provides coverage your auto dealer for liability when a data breach occurs involving sensitive information.

As an auto dealer, your business collects an individual’s most private data on a credit application including social security numbers, credit card and bank account numbers, drivers’ license numbers, etc.  

Cyber liability insurance protects your auto dealership in the event of a hack or data breach and provides you multiple coverage that is usually not found in a general liability insurance policy.  In addition to legal fees and expenses, some ways an adequate cyber liability insurance policy can help your auto dealer when a disaster strikes include:

  • Coverage for expenses invloved to notifying customers about a data breach
  • Restoring personal identities of affected customers
  • Recovering your auto dealers’ important data
  • Repairing damaged computer systems
  • and more!

Most states require for auto dealers, as well as other companies who collect private and personal identifiable information, to notify their customers and prospects of a data breach. This can be a detrimental expense to an auto dealer.

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